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Quality Control

Being highly recognized as a cnc service provider in China, Pavewel Precision CNC Machining Factory always attaches great importance on the product quality, in our philosophy, consistent quality is not only a slogan, but the Iron Discipline that every staff must comply. Therefore, we have developed detailed quality control and assurance system and have advanced measuring equipments in place to ensure the quality of custom cnc parts.
From raw material incoming to products shipment, we control every step to ensure all these are absolutely according to the customer's requirements. All products should have 4 steps during the whole manufacturing process:
* Raw material inspection
* In processing inspection
* Final inspection
* Outgoing inspection
Our measuring equipments include but not limited to: CMM (coordinate measuring machine), air gauge, micrometer, caliper, go/no-go gauge, concentricity measuring device, hardness tester, thread ring gauge, pin gauge, surface plate, roughness tester, etc. Below are some measurement devices: