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As a time-tested cnc machining parts manufacturer and Chinese CNC shop, we proudly own a skillful workforce of 200 people, a clean and modern factory that occupies a total area of 6000 square meters, and a variety of cnc machines ranging from ordinary cnc machines to 5-axis cnc machining centers to handle various parts with different size and tolerance requirements.
Our facilities include:

Machine Brand Machining Dimensions Tolerance Quantity
CNC Machining Center Mazak i-600 Max: 510*910*510mm ±0.001mm 1
Turn-mill Mazak j-200 Max: 450*200*550mm ±0.001mm 1
Turn-mill Samsung-PL25MC/1000 XY: 220*590mm,3500rpm ±0.005mm 1
Turn-mill Doosan-LYNX-220LM XY: 175*550mm,6000rpm ±0.005mm 1
CNC Machining Center Brother Max: 1100*600*500mm ±0.005mm 19
CNC Machining Center Fanuc/Kira Max: 1100*600*500mm ±0.005mm 30
Digital Controlled Lathe Citizen Max: φ25mm, φ16*1000mm, 8000rpm ±0.002mm 3
Digital Controlled Lathe Domestic brand Max: φ350mm ±0.005mm 8
Auto Lathe Nanjing-CM1120 Max: φ20.0mm ±0.01mm 8
Ordinary Lathe C6240 C6240 ±0.01mm 3
Milling Machine 2HG Max: φ300X1000mm ±0.01mm 6
Tapping Machning Xihu-SWJ-6 Max: M6/M5/M8 ±0.05mm 12
Hi-speed Drilling Machine Xihu-Z4116 Max: φ16.0mm ±0.01mm 5
Sawing Machine 3050 Max: φ300mm ±0.05mm 4
Auto Knurlizing Machine NEX Max: 20mmx500mm   1
Ultrasonic Machine Domestic brand     3
Below are the glimpse of our workshop and machines:
Mazak 5-Axis
FANUC Machine
Brother Machines
DMC Machine

The two 1-minute short videos below will briefly introduce the production capability of our factory:

Production facilities on Floor 1:  
Production Facilities 1 14 May 19

Production facilities on Floor 2:
Production Facilities 2 14 May 19