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Our Strengths

There are several reasons why you should choose us:

1. Shenzhen owns the most complete and mature supply chain for making machined parts, known as China's Silicon Valley or the World's factory by the westerners, Shenzhen’s manufacturing capability is highly recognized by the world, many US startup companies flied to this city to turn their ideas into real products immediately after receiving investments from the venture capital, below are some articles and videos about this city:

CNN video: The rise of China's 'Silicon Valley'

Forbes: A Look Inside Shenzhen's High-Tech Empire

Stanford University: Shenzhen, China "the world factory” and "new Silicon Valley"

Shenzhen: The Tech Capital of the World

2. Shenzhen has excellent geographic location and well-connected traffic network, which it owns an international airport that can fly to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Australia, etc. Besides, two neighboring international airports, Hong Kong Airport and Guangzhou Airport add more flight choices for international travel. Unlike most other cities that need to change different transportation tools, overseas customers can directly fly in our city to visit and inspect our factory.

3. As a time-tested cnc machining shop, we have rich experience making custom parts for overseas customers, our renowned customers include a US display manufacturer founded in nearly 100 years ago, a German network product manufacturer, a UK AV manufacturer, etc. Since we have made components and parts in almost all industries and sectors, it is highly likely that we have past experience making the parts that you intend to make, thus significantly shortening the communication time and ensuring doing the right thing for you.

4. We have rich experience in making prototype parts or samples parts for the startup companies around the world, including many in the Silicon Valley. We have a record of making and delivering several prototype parts to a company in 3 days, making contribution to the company in winning confidence from the investors and customers.